A Better Appliance Shopping Experience than the Box Stores

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Appliances are all we do, so we can help you find the features and style you’re looking for. If it’s out there, we know where to get it. You’ll work one-on-one with a seasoned expert in the appliance industry — not a teenager working a part-time job.

And in our live kitchen showroom, you can test drive real, working appliances… hear the dishwashers run, drink ice cold water from the refrigerators, feel the warmth as the ovens preheat. Know exactly what you’re buying before you get it home.

Your Appliances Are an Investment

Consider how long you had your last refrigerator — don’t risk buying the wrong product because you didn’t have all your options. We know what’s available when it comes to the latest innovations, features, prices, and styles.

Plus you can rely on our experience when it comes to deciding which appliances are built to last and offer the best in quality for your money.

Appliance Shopping Made Easy

Remember, the box stores are focused on volume while we are focused on service. You’ll see how dramatic that difference is when you walk into our showroom.

And our commitment to you doesn’t stop when the sale is complete… we’re with you every step, through delivery, installation, and service.

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